µ43 for Photographic Beginners Part 5: Sigma 60mm f2.8 A

December 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

How announced in my earlier posts the next lens to review was the 60mm f2.8. This lens is by fare the best of the Sigma Art series on the µ43 mount.

It was the most expensive Sigma lens, but the costs are relative: I paid 179€ which is very reasonable..

First to the build quality and scope of supply: As the other 2 Art lenses the 60mm comes with a lens hood, feels pretty solid but it is noisy when the lens is not mounted on a camera and the camera is switched of. But this is nothing to worry about - as I have learned from the 2 Sigma Art lenses I tested before.

I was astonished about the image quality:

  • Really very sharp images
  • nice color rendering
  • no chromatic aberrations
  • and a remarkable nice and soft bokeh - the physics helps.

Today I took this little lens on a little walk just around the house to make some shots. These shots are all handheld. I applied my standard development setting in aperture - and thats it.


For me always the first test: CA: Do you see any? I did not...


Sharpness as well as bokeh are really nice, or?  And this photo was shot on December 5th 2015...


Here it is the color rendering which is amazing... even if it looks pretty black and white...

This photo show a bit of the limitation of f2.8 in the µ43 world. f 1.4 in full frame is a different story...

The amount of detail shown in this shot, really sharp....


First of all: The Sigma 60mm is a damned good lens!  It is fun to use it. And it found its way into my heart. It is a lens which is easy to carry around: In comparisons to the other two Sigma lenses this one will be with me pretty often. But it is hard:

  • I do have the Elmarit 45mm f2.8 makro: in comparison it produces even more bokeh but the Sigma has not OIS...
  • In comparison to the Zuiko 75mm f1.8 it is shorter, the Zuiko has even more bokeh - but the Zuiko is quite heavy...

Therefore: this lens will join my bag pretty often in the future. We will see.


What´s Next

Well, I have now bought and tested 4 Lenses:

  • The Nifty-Fifty Original from Canon
  • The Sigma 19mm f2.8A
  • The Sigma 30mm f2.8A
  • The Sigma 60mm f2.8A: 

The next step will be a comparison of the 3 Sigma Lenses but there will be more:

  • But I will do a comparison between the Canon 50mm lenses as well. Just to save some Canonista some money.
  • And there is one more lens to come: Thanks to black friday 2015 I ordered a Panasonic 25mm f 1.7. At 99 US$: The price of the NiftyFifty.. I do not know when I will get it. But this will be very interesting. ... Also in the comparison with the Panaleica 25mm....
  • And I will do the "crossover" comparison: between µ43, APS-C and FF...

Some Remarks

All photos were shot with the Lumix G7 this time. 

If you want to have a closer look to the images: