µ43 for Photographic Beginners Part 4: Sigma 19mm f2.8 A

November 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

​As promised earlier: I invested more. I added the Sigma 19mm f2.8 as well. The first astonishing point for me: the 19mm is remarkably larger than the 30mm - I would have expected this would be the other way around. But the build quality is the same - and the image quality amazingly good... The price was fair, too: 159€ @ Photoplanet Stuttgart - one of the good camera dealers in town.

But I was a bit of unfair to the comparison - or not? I did exactly the same like the day before with the NiftyFifty on the FullFrame Body: I took the lens together with the GM5 on my way home, over the Christmas Market - which was opened now full. I shoot both days with 3200 ISO - which is the Limit on µ43 but the FF body gives you 2 F-Stops more in terms of ISO - 12.800 is here my personal Limit. And this Sigma lens has at least 1.2 F-Stops less.... 

To shoot blue hour images handheld is amazing. The color rendering is nice and the lens flare really good...


Window shopping.. Maybe a bit overexposed... but nicely rendered...

At the Lord Mayors house there is a light curtain falling down on the christmas market.... Lots of lights and pretty little lens flare...

The remarkable thing on the Stuttgart Christmas market are the nicely decorated roof tops. And they are always a challenge to get them nicely... They do have quite a dynamic range...


This is the maximum of bokeh to get.... It is more and better than expected. Not bad but ...ok...

here you see the limits of the lens if you shoot against bright light... But still very useable.

This is a scene in our justice district - where you find the low courts... It is still very useable.. and very sharp.

A similar shot than that one the day before... And not bad at all...

The look back to the stairs I just climbed up.... Quite an exercise....


First of all: The Sigma 19mm is a good lens - here I have no doubt. It has a remarkable good price performance ratio. It is a recommendation for beginners who want to have a good lens which is faster than than the kit lenses. It is fun to use it.

But there are limitations as well.  With f f2.8 an 19mm we are talking in terms get bokeh comparable to 38mm f5.6 under Full Frame conditions. This means that the hyperlocal condition starts somewhat around 8,5m - and for subjects in 1m distance the Depth of field is nearly 24cm... Not really perfect conditions for creamy bokeh...

For me having the phantastic Panaleica 15mm f1.7: This will remain my lens of choice. It is smaller, it has more than 1 f-stop more speed and it is comparably sharp with amazing color rendering....

What´s Next

Well, I have now bought and tested 4 Lenses:

  • The Nifty-Fifty Original from Canon
  • The Sigma 19mm f2.8A
  • The Sigma 30mm f2.8A
  • The Sigma 60mm f2.8A: the test will be the next blog entry, coming soon

The first step was to get a feeling for these lenses: what I can do with each lens and how much fun it is to use them. But I gained a lot of photos, a lot of things to compare...:

  • It will be necessary to compare the Sigma´s.
  • But I will do a comparison between the Canon 50mm lenses as well. Just to save some Canonista some money.
  • And there is one more lens to come: Thanks to black friday 2015 I ordered a Panasonic 25mm f 1.7. At 99 US$: The price of the NiftyFifty.. I do not know when I will get it. But this will be very interesting. ... Also in the comparison with the Panaleica 25mm....
  • And I will do the "crossover" comparison: between µ43, APS-C and FF...

Some Remarks

All photos were shot with the Lumix GM5. 

If you want to have a closer look to the images: 




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