µ43 for Photographic Beginners Part 6: The comparison of the Sigma´s

December 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Starting with the idea to find a lens in th µ43 lens line up which gives µ43-users an alternative to the nifty-fifties @ Canon and Nikon I bought the complete µ43 line up from Sigma:

  • SIGMA 19mm f2.8 DN Art
  • SIGMA 30mm f2.8 DN Art
  • SIGMA 60 mm f2.8 DN Art

Each lens was reviewed before in separate blog entries... Here I want to compare them and come to a conclusion.

Here are all three lenses together, mounted on my Panasonic G-Series Line up: G7, G6 and G5

Build Quality

The Lenses are build pretty similar:

  • Solid feeling of the lens
  • They all come with lens hood and a posh - but only the 60mm has a belt loop - which would be nice to have at each posh.
  • They have no O.I.S. (no criticism, just to remark) 
  • When the camera is switched off - or the lens is not connected to the camera - the focusing system is floating internally and causes some noise when you move the lens. - there is no break build in to sort this movement.
  • Manual focusing is easy - but sometimes maybe too easy that you might have an out of focus image just because of a slight touch...

Interestingly: the 30mm is the shortest.... the 19mm is a bit longer....

The 60mm mounted on the G7/G70 

​The 19mm mounted on the G7/G70

​The 30mm mounted on the G7/G70

Image Quality

The Lenses are build pretty similar - and the image quality is similar, too:

  • Complete lack of Chromatic aberration
  • very sharp lenses - especially the 60mm
  • Low distortion
  • Nice color rendering


I shot a couple of images to compare the lenses . I shot these images in a pretty similar light setup, shot in RAW without retouching: I copped the photos to 3:2 instead of 4:3 just to have a lower hight here in my review. They had been shot manually with indirect natural light therefore I do have some deviations in the color rendering as well as color temperature.

The first comparison I shot to illustrate the different view angle. The photos are shot from the same view point just changing the lens.

These photos were maid to compare the view angles the other way around: I tried to get the same reproduction scale. A bit tricky with a normal tripod. A cartesian one would be easier.... All photos are taken wide open @ f2.8. Left: 19mm right the 60mm... Both images show the main differences of these 3 lenses.



Which lens for whom? This is a tricky question. But I will give you a try

  • 19mm: this is a great walk around lens. Classical street photography lens. Very useful for people who do like to get close
  • 30mm: classical standard lens. Very nice, also easy to use. And it delivers a bit more bokeh.. 
  • 60mm: my favorite among these lenses. I felt in love with it: crazy sharp and great bokeh: this lens is bokehlicious... And in terms of bokehliciouseness the real counterpart to the NiftyFifty. A great portrait lens - and it allows to get pretty close, too.


Who ever is looking for a prime lens on µ43-cameras: all 3 are good lenses - and they give you value for money. Thank You Sigma!!!

Thes do suffer a bit due to there limitation in bokehliciousness due to f2.8 as fastest aperture value. But this is relative. They all have bokeh and the bokeh is nice!!! But especially for the beginners it is maybe easier to have a lens which allows you to separate from the background But the knife to do is is not that sharp that it hurts sometimes. (Especially if there are autofocusing like with my Sigma f1.4 85mm on a full frame body.)

That´s interesting: If you are a prime lens shooter or going to become one: The 19mm and 60mm are a great combo, following the philosophy :all you need is a 35mm and a 135mm lens... A kind of classical set up....


Some Remarks

All photos were shot with the Lumix GM5 this time. 

If you want to have a closer look at the images: 



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