LUMIX GM5 - ab big step ahead....

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All times with you: LUMIX GM5


Tons of articles have been written about µ43. The GH4 became a remarkable player in the professional world, especially on the video side. µ43 is not only the format for the professionals and semi professionals. In 2014 (or late 2013) Panasonic introduces the GM1. This little beast has turned photography a lot: a point and shoot camera size combined with the image quality of µ43 - and access to all the tiny little -in size - and great -in optical quality- lenses. End of 2014 Panasonic introduced the upgrade of this camera body: The GM5.... 

Lumix GM1 and GM2Left: Lumix GM1 with 1:3.5-5.6 12-32mm Right: Lumix GM5 with Leica Summilux 1.7 15mm

I got my GM5 with the Leica branded Summilux 1.7 15mm having the 12-32mm Kit lens on the GM1. This lens is a hard competitor against the iPhone.....

Camera Designs

Sidewise both cameras are more or less the same. The GM5 is 3 mm higher - and it is a bit deeper. The main reason why it is deeper: The electronic Viewfinder - and a little nose on the upper right side which gives you a better grip.

This photo shows that main differences between both cameras: the layout on the back and on the top. Due to my experience there are big improvements

  • External Flash Hot Shoe
  • Electronic View Finder
  • A wheel for the different adjustments...
  • 3 more programmable function buttons

But: There is no build in flash anymore...

Clear Advantage of the GM5: No Clickwheel

One Problem I faced with the GM1 came from the click-wheel: when you started to change something, f.i. aperture or shutter speed - you suddenly changed the white balance or ISO etc... This click wheel disappeared. The solution now is similar to the G6: the new wheel has a push function: If you want to change shutter speed and aperture: it is the same wheel and if you push the wheel than you change one parameter against the other..


GM5: Off Camera Flash

With the flash hot shoe I can use the camera as a studio camera as well - which was not the case before. In all cases I had chosen to go with µ43 I had to carry the G6 with me, when I knew I had to go with the flashes....

In comparison to the G6 and the GH Cameras there is one specialty or disadvantage of the GM5: the flash sync speed is limited to 1/50 s. As soon as the flash goes on the max speed you can choose is 1/50s. fully automatically. With no chance to change this... I hope that Panasonic will fix this in the future...

I like to work with the Yongnuo flashes. above you see the YN560-TX controller. With this controller you are able to control the YN560 EXIII flashes without any additional trigger, just from the camera. The YN560 EXIII has a build in radio trigger that you will not need any further device... really handy - and very cheap: the flash costs just 60€ and the controller 35€...

GM5: Electronic Viewfinder

Basically The EVF of the GM5 is working similar to the EVF in the G6 working... but with a little bit less resolution: 1.16k@ the GM5 vs 1.44@ the G6.  You can decide how you want to use it. per default a sensor detects when you approach the EVF and switchesw to the EVF. This shows exactly the same content like the screen on the camera rear side. 

I do not use it very often, but especially in very bright conditions like in the snow it really helpy a lot - in such situation one of the big steps against the GM1

This panorama shot with the GM5 and the Summilux f1.7/15mm was shot with the EVF: It was too bright to see anything on the screen but with the EVF it worked fine for me.


Shooting Experience

The Lumix GM Series is an all time with you camera. It is tiny and you can get really great lenses for it. I love the prime lenses because the deliver a great image quality even if you should with completely open aperture. Doing so the images are looking a bit like being shot with a much bigger camera....

The images of the stones from the alps are shot with the 45mm f 2.8 Leica Macro lens. 

Images from the snow...


The Lumix GM5 is a step further making this tiny little cameras the all time with you camera. For me it is the ultimative point and shoot camera Killer.

The LUMIX GM1 is a universal and versatile tool. Improving image quality and delivering great lenses the room for DSLR´s is getting much smaller...



The photos of GM5 and GM1 were shot with the Lumix G6 and the Elmarit f2.8 45mm. The flashes were Yongnuo 56o Ex III the shown Yongnuo controller - but for the shot with the controller I used the Yongnuo 603RF transmitter...



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