Traveling with DSLR-Gear

June 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

To travel with DSLR´s is quite demanding because of the size and the weight of the equipment. For "normal" traveling I choose my µ43 Gear because it is lightweight, and small - and the compromise on image quality is acceptable - in many cases. But in trips were I expect to see really remarkable things or for wildlife and sports I prefer to rely on my big Canon´s: the 5DMkIII as well as the sport and wildlife monster: the 7dMkII.

But if you own quite a bit of gear the selection becomes important: Which zooms and which primes to carry. F.I. for Safari it was pretty clear: 17-40/24-105/100-400 + 1.4 Extender and additionally the fast primes (2.0/35; 1.4/50; 1.4/85) were in my huge Lowe Pro Trekker 650 was to be used. But this is tricky, it is a bit above the carry on luggage rules of the airlines, and it is very hard to carry...

RecentlyI tried an other solution. On my US-Trip in February 2015 I choosed for the first time another line up: I decided to carry both bodies with me and using the crop factor of the body to minimize the amount of glass. Here the Idea:

  • 14mm f2.8 on 5D3 (Samyang) this lens becomes:
  • 21mm f2.8 on 7D2
  • 35mm f2.0 IS on 5D3 (Canon EF) this lens becomes
  • 56mm f2.0 on 7D2
  • 85mm f1.4 on 5D3 (Sigma) this lens becomes
  • 136mm f1.4 on 7D2
  • and a 100-300 Zoom for µ43 which becomes a 200-600 Zoom as well as a 45mm macro lens

If you have the 35mm on the 5D3 and the 85mm on the 7D2: This is considered as a perfect combo, an many famous photographers say, not more is needed....

This works out fine with one exception: the µ43 Lumix GM5 is definetely no comparison to a 7D2 shooting birds in flight or surfers in the waves.

For the next US trip in May 2015 I decided to optimize the gear - in different ways:

1. I replaced the 85mm Sigma with the Canon 100mm f2.8 IS L Lens: The performance of this lens is clear better than the Sigma in the precison of autofocus as well as in sharpness and lens flare.. (I am pretty disappointed about the Sigma - and I am dreaming of a Zeiss Otus....). 

2. I added 2 Zooms to the gear list:

  • 16-35mm f4.0 IS-L
  • 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 IS-L

With this gear you can cover more than 90% of all tasks in an amazing quality... 

For this gear I grabbed the Lowe Pro Flipside Sport to my gear.. Ok I had some more stuff with me like a light meter, a filter set with ND- and graduated ND-Filters etc.

The good thing: I can carry both cameras mounted with the lens...

And one photo from the really world... shot in the Mariposa grove.

In addition the camera gear I carried my Manfrotto Tripod with the Novoflex Panoramahead I could make nearly everything in very high quality...

Amazingly: With the 28-300 I shot all beach photos in LA...