iPhone 6 plus - alias iPad nano: Camera performance comparison

October 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Apple is one of the fastest developers of new cameras. But they are focused to develop - more or less - one camera per year: every new model comes with a new camera build in. So everybody can see and feel the advantages implemented by roughly 400 developers - a huge armada...

The first images taken with the new iPhone 6+ has nearly blown away my mind... crisp sharp images even under low light conditions.


One feature of the new iPhone 6+ was the reason why i decided for the iPad nano - even if it is really huge: Optical Image stabilization - first time implemented in a smart phone camera.

After shooting the first images i wanted to compare the new device against the iPhone 5s. In normal or good light conditions the 5s delivered really great results - as You can see in my iPhone sites http://www.zenfolio.com/delightphoto/f481046366...

In all images the left photo is made by the 6+...

 The difference is amazing. The noise at the 6+ is remarkable lower and much much more detail...


But with more light the difference becomes less....

The next story is blue hour photography: Even under these conditions the iPhone 6 + is performing remarkably good.

No tripod, just handheld. For me it is just stunning, how well this tiny little camera behaves. 

Another evening I visited a bar with a friend of mine... And oven in this environment the 6+ performed great:


And even indoors: the new iPhone 6+ is a class of its own. I was at a private party where had been a Lumix FZ150 (A camera I recommended for a ling time) as well a s a EOS 650D. I preferred to use the iPhone: much more responsive and easier to use.

As a conclusion: To use a better camera than this iPhone you have to invest much more money in state of the art µ43 or APS-C equipment. The normal point and shoot cameras deliver much lower quality and shooting experience.