Enlarging a shallow depth of field by Fokus Stacking.

August 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As You know I like bokeh. My first camera, a Canonet QL 17 had an Aperture of 1,7@40mm focal length - and produced nice bokeh...

But sometimes it will not help you to use an aperture of 22 to have those areas sharp which you want to have sharp - and let the rest sink into all depth of bokeh.


In the past there was no chance: you had to live with what you get... But in todays time of Photoshop and other tools of image processing there exist another possibilities. The name of this method is named: Focus Stacking.

How does this work? First you define yourself which is the area of interest. From which point to which point the image should be sharp. In the example above it is pretty clear: The blossom itself. And the rest has to be blurred...Depending on the aperture you have to decide or you have to try out how many steps you will need or how large these steps should be. 

I used for the shots above the EOS Utility. My Intervall was 2 medium steps according to the EOS-Utiliy software. I shot typically 4-8 images. And than I used http://www.heliconfocus.de to do the calculations....


Sounds easy, or? But it was not. The problem was - how to work let my 5DMkIII let fire the flashes... You can fire flashes in live view and in the EOS Utility - but only with Canon flashes.  How to solve? pretty easy: You have to cheat the camera, f.i. with a flash trigger which tells the camera that there is a Canon flash on top. I used the Yongnuo 622c for that and it worked... http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detaily.php?ID=195