First Experiences with the Summilux 1:1,4 25mm lens on the LUMIX G6

October 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Recently I added to my µ43 Lens Portfolio the Summilux lens. I did not expect too much - I just wanted to ad more flexibility in low light situations... When I left the store I unboxed the lens mounted it to my G6 and started shooting. I was impressed from the first blue hour shots I made. Handheld. Using the foolproof intelligent automatic mode of the G6...


Stuttgart Main Station

Believe it or not: this had been my first 3 photos with this lens. I was amazed.

The next experience: Düsseldorf, Altstadt. A rainy evening. The light conditions much worse....

Düsseldorf, Altstadt...

Zum UerigeThe Meeting Point in Düsseldorf: The Brewery Zum Uerige. Whenever I am there This is the place to start an evening, having one shot "Altbier"...

But than I took the lens to other events. In this situation we got new ski boots... and i took that combination with me Lumix G6 with the Summilux 1:1,4 25mm - a little bit old school: like the original film SLR´s with it´s 50mm lenses on it.

Again: I was amazed: a pretty narrow depth of field - and a really beautiful bokeh... By the way: the intelligent Automatic Mode of the G6 is supporting this effect by keeping the aperture as open as possible..... Good Job Panasonic!!!

But that´s not all. One morning in Cogolin, Provence, South of France  I took this camera with me - just walking to the bakery. And I realized, that there are more options in the combination with the G6 with its  flexible touch screen:

Hibiscus, standing ont tha stairsIts amazing: just tapping the flower and it´s released and sharp where you tap...

White Roses

A few meters further I came to a place - with a few restaurant there...  But under this conditions... quite magic...

It´s a mgic of its own: the colors of the provence in the morning twilight between the rising light of the day and the artificial lightning of the streets and c


These photos are a selection of just a few more. Shooted pretty fast: It´s just fun!!!

For me: This lens is a game changer: It opens the play with bokeh like the bigger camera brothers - and I do not talk about APS-C! I talk about Full Format. µ43 and APS-C: This is more or less balanced  in terms of image quality. But not in terms of usability: there is a clear advantage for the µ43. I would never recommend an APS-C Camera and only recommend µ43 (with the exception of Canon´s 7D for sports). 

My question always: Do I want to carry the Full Format Monster with me? What are the limitations using µ43? What Do you think? For me these photos are showing that the limits are moving towards µ43....



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